Industry: Healthcare


BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL, a leading hospital in the city, was facing increasing competition from other healthcare providers in the area. They needed to find a way to stand out from the crowd and attract new patients to their hospital. Additionally, they wanted to improve their patient experience by automating their processes and making it easier for patients to access their services.


BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL partnered with UltraCures, a digital marketing agency, to develop a comprehensive strategy that would help them improve their branding, automate their processes, and increase customer success. UltraCures developed a customized plan that included the following services:

  1. Branding: UltraCures developed a new branding strategy for BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL that included a new logo, website redesign, and social media marketing campaign. The new branding helped BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL stand out from their competitors and attract new patients.
  2. Automation: UltraCures implemented a hospital management system that automated many of BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL’s processes, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, and billing. The automation saved time for staff and made it easier for patients to access BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL’s services.
  3. Customer Success: UltraCures developed a customer success strategy that included patient feedback surveys, social media monitoring, and email marketing campaigns. The strategy helped BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL better understand their patients’ needs and preferences, and provided them with the tools to deliver a more personalized experience.


Thanks to UltraCures’s efforts, BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL saw significant improvements in their branding, automation, and customer success. Their new branding helped them attract new patients, and their hospital management system made it easier for patients to access their services. Additionally, their customer success strategy helped them deliver a more personalized experience and improve patient satisfaction. As a result of these efforts, BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL was able to increase their revenue by 40% in just 12 months.


By working with UltraCures to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy that included branding, automation, and customer success, BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL was able to successfully overcome their growth challenges and achieve significant results. With a customized approach that included a new branding strategy, hospital management system, and customer success strategy, UltraCures helped BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL stand out from their competitors, automate their processes, and deliver a more personalized experience to their patients. This ultimately led to increased revenue and business growth for BHARDWAJ HOSPITAL.